Trustonic For Samsung KNOX


Trustonic for KNOX is an application development platform targeted at Service Providers and Application Developers to bring higher value services to Samsung devices.

Activating Trustonic for Samsung KNOX, places your Android application in a SE for Android Management Service (SEAMS) container. For more details on SEAMS, and the features of KNOX 2.0 please see

Application changes

In order for your application to activate a SEAMS container at runtime, there are some changes required to application manifest. This is to indicate that your application wishes to activate Trustonic for Samsung KNOX on devices where this feature is present.

In your AndroidManifest.xml file, you should add:

<meta-data android:name=""


and create a new file in res/xml/knoxenabled_info.xml which should contain:

<knoxt useseamscontainer="true" version="1"><prerequisiteapps/></knoxt>


In action

When you application is installed on a Trustonic for Samsung KNOX compatible device, it will:

  • Place your Android application in a SEAMs container
  • Add the KNOX badge to your launcher icon